An exciting new method for funding Christian ministries is here!


The purpose of RO116 is to create space for Christians to be inspired, equipped & connected to support kingdom building in the Treasure Valley using a whole new collective approach.

RO116 is helping to answer the question: ‘How might we more effectively share the gospel across the valley while inspiring and equipping Christians in a new way?’ It’s a high energy, member-driven collective impact fund (think ‘Shark Tank’) to help support the sharing of the good news across the Treasure Valley.

As an organization that has a passion for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ we would invite you to submit your application for potential funding. Note: by submitting the application it does not guarantee your organization an invitation to pitch your gospel sharing idea at a quarterly meeting, nor does it guarantee funding.

If you’d like to be considered for RO116 funding here’s the process:

  • We believe there is only one way to salvation through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. In order to qualify for funding all organization’s must review and sign the RO116 Statement of Faith. Note: If your organization does not align with this it’s probably not a good fit for this funding.
  • Be nominated by a member.
  • Potential fundees should review the FAQ’s.
  • All potential fundees must be invited to apply.


If you are a current RO116 member you can nominate an organization (Fast Pitcher) by filling out the form below. A current member means you have a paid membership as of the last quarterly meeting. If you aren’t sure whether you are a current member please contact info@RO116.org. To become a current member just click here.

Ro116 Fast Pitcher Nomination

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